Member Benefits and Services

ISEPS is working to provide services and benefits to its member physicians and practices which you will find to be of value.  Utilization of these programs, of course, is completely voluntary.  Some will be of interest to practices, to individual doctors, and even to employees of member practices.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for other benefit programs, please contact the ISEPS administrative office. 

This page is under construction -- thank you for your patience.


Services to Practices

DLS Internet Services

Through an arrangement between the ISEPS's administrative manager (Richard Paul & Associates) and DLS, we are able to offer cost-effective access to Voice-over-IP internet telephone services.  (more info to follow)

CDW - computer and electronics

ISEPS is pleased to announce access to an "employee discount program" which will result in the prices equal to those offered by CDW to their largest customers.   This program is available to ISEPS practices, doctors and also member-practice employees.  There is no fee... just establish your CDW user account using the ISEPS member code and you're off and running!  (additional details to be posted shortly)

Announcement letter (PDF file) -- Click Here
Sign-up form (PDF file) -- Click Here

Credit Card Merchant Accounts through Blue Pay

Practices can save on on credit card processing fees by participating in the ISEPS affiliate program with BluePay, a national credit card processing company based here in Illinois.  Check back here for details... this program is just getting started as of March 2010.

Great Lakes Credit Union

Doctors and employees of member practices can experience the benefits of conducting their financial business by opening an account at Great Lakes Credit Union.  Often offering higher savings rates and lower loan rates than commercial banks, the Great Lakes Credit Union has many attractive services.  ISEPS member practices can offer this as an employee beneift with no cost to you or administrative headaches.