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Exhibitor Prospectus and Information


Thank you to those companies who participated in the 2023 ISEPS-COS Joint Conference!  The 20th annual meeting of these two fine organizations is now set... Friday, March 8, 2024.  Come this summer for details about exhibiting!

Conference date:    Friday, March 8, 2024
Set-up time:             Thursday afternoon, March 7, 2024
Exhibit booth
details:  View Here
Booth assignment diagram (in near real time):  CLICK HERE

Quick Links and Useful Documents

Exhibitor registration

Please consider using the online registration which is the fastest way to submit your information.  (Log-in not required to use the online form.)

When completing your registration, be sure to check the booth pick status update to select your booth.  Enter the booth number(s) in the space provided on the registration form.  You may indicate a first choice and a second choice.  In most cases, you will get your first choice.  If you don't indicate a booth number, we may assign one at our discretion.

  • Paper registration form in a "fillable" PDF file -- CLICK HERE  
  • Online registration  -- CLICK HERE   Registration is now open! 

Important notice:  Upon submitting this registration, the Exhibitor and the Illinois Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons/Chicago Ophthalmological Society understand and agree that ISEPS/COS policy does not allow the conference to accept any advice or services from the Exhibitor concerning speakers, authors, participants, program content or other CME matters as conditions of the exhibit fee, exhibit placement and/or sponsorship selection. In addition, both parties fully understand that this agreement, and therefore the conference, is free from commercial bias or control due to the separation of the designated exhibitor/sponsorship area and related activities from the CME planners, authors, speakers and CME sessions.  By submitting this form and the associated exhibit fee, it is expressly understood that the company is purchasing an exhibit space only and is not purchasing any meals or providing any other remuneration to physicians.

Additional documents and information for exhibitors

Exhibit Booth Options and Prices

See a sample exhibit hall diagram here (PDF file).    To pick your booth, use the online diagram: Exhibit Hall Status

The exhibit hall is situated in carpeted ballroom with more than 6,000 square feet of space.  All booths will be pipe & drape and are situated around the perimeter of the exhibit hall with "low rise" pipe and drape in the center giving all of the displays excellent visibility to the attendees.  Companies wishing to purchase additional space (i.e., a "double" booth) may reserve adjoining (and unsold) spaces.  Electricity is available at an additional cost (see below for details).  Non-profit organizations and academic institutions (such as universities/medical schools) may access discounted tabletop space in the foyer outside of the exhibit hall.

All breaks and the lunch period will take place in the exhibit hall which will be open throughout the conference.  In addition, we will be actively working to bring attendees to your booth.

Once again this year . . .  All attendees are invited to attend a post-conference cocktail reception immediately following the conclusion of the afternoon sessions.  Exhibiting company representatives are encouraged to attend this event as our guests to socialize with the doctors and office staff at this informal gathering.

Booth Choices Available

  • Premium Space 
    10x10 foot pipe & drape with 6-foot table and 4 chairs (includes electricity); prime location in the exhibit hall
    • Platinum sponsor = $15,000
      • Access to private meeting room adjacent to conference/exhibit space
      • Preferred location in the exhibit hall
      • Banner ad on ISEPS and COS websites
      • Signage recognizing Platinum level sponsorship at the registration area and the entrance to clinical session
      • Verbal acknowledgment during general session & slide displayed during breaks
      • Link to company website on meeting webpages
      • Includes electricity & WiFi
    • Gold sponsor = $10,000
      • Preferred location in the exhibit hall
      • Signage recognizing Gold level sponsorship at the registration area and the entrance to the clinical session
      • Verbal acknowledgment during general session & slide displayed during breaks
      • Link to company website on meeting webpages
      • Includes electricity & WiFi
    • Silver = $5,000
      • Preferred location in the exhibit hall
      • Signage recognizing Premium level sponsorship at the registration area and the entrance to the clinical session
      • Includes electricity & WiFi
  • Standard Space 
    • 10x10 foot pipe & drape with 6' table, 2 chairs -- $2,000
    • Double-size (20x10) pipe & drape with two 6-foot tables, 4 chairs -- $3,500
      Any two unsold and adjacent standard booths can be combined to form a double, including the "end caps" on the center row of booths.
    • Electricity can be ordered for $300 additional (120 volts, up to 1,000 watts)  Wi-Fi is provided.
      • If you require 220 volts or more than 1,000 watts, contact the ISEPS/COS office for a price quote)
  • Non-profit & Academic Space (foyer area)
    • Limited to IRS-recognized non-profit organizations and academic institutions (i.e., university/medical school)
    • 6-foot draped tabletop display with 2 chairs -- $250
      • Fee will be waived for 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organizations.  If you register online, please select the "invoice me" option and contact the ISEPS office so we can verify your status and manually waive your fee.
    • Located in the foyer outside the exhibit hall
    • Electricity not available, but WiFi is provided

Registration is now open!

Exhibit Hall Layout and Update

     Exhibit Hall Status - Booth Pick
      - Use this online diagram and list of booths available/sold -- CLICK HERE
        Maximize the window that opens to view the entire diagram.  This diagram is updated frequently.

     View a scale drawing of the exhibit hall - CLICK HERE (not "real time")

Exhibit Hall Schedule

Thursday, March 9

     1:00 - 5:00 p.m. -- Exhibit setup

Times listed below are approximate

Friday, March 10

     6:00 a.m. -- Exhibit area available for setup
     7:15 a.m. -- Attendee registration begins; Exhibit Hall Opens
     Mid-morning -- All three general sessions will have mid-morning breaks of 30 minutes each
     12:00 - 1:15 p.m. -- Lunch break (the three concurrent sessions will have staggered lunch periods)
     Afternoon -- All three general sessions will have afternoon breaks
     3:45 p.m. -- Last break period ends; Exhibit Hall Closes
     4:00 p.m. -- Exhibitor break-down, packing
     5:00 p.m. -- Cocktail reception for all attendees -- exhibitor company representatives invited!

NOTE: Exhibitors with outbound shipments may leave their materials at their booth.  All items must have a pre-paid shipping label.

Other Conference Information

  • Meeting overview (coming soon)
  • Physician Session 
  • Ophthalmic technician session
  • Practice Administrator session
  • Hotel information 
  • Stephens Convention Center - general information
  • Return to the 2023 Annual Meeting general information page -- CLICK HERE

Contact Information

     Richard Paul
     ISEPS & COS Executive Director
     10 W. Phillip Rd., Suite 120
     Vernon Hills, IL  60061
     Phone:  847/680-1666
     Fax:  847/680-1682
     Email:  [email protected]



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