Pending Legislative Issues - 2018

The second session of the 100th General Assembly is underway.  Here is a summary of issues of interest and importance to ophthalmology and the medical profession in general.

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Optometric Surgery

Although optometrists and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation sought in 2016 to add a number of surgical procedures and medication by injection to the optometry practice act, the General Assembly passed the optometry licensure sunset renewal without those provisions.  However, a 4-member "Task Force" with two optometry representatives, a delegate from ISEPS and a delegate from the Illinois State Medical Society was created to examine the issue of whether "advanced optometric procedures" could be added to the scope of practice, what those procedures would be, and what educational standards would apply.  The Task Force met monthly throughout 2017 but ultimately came to no conclusions.


IDFPR Proposed Rule

On December 29, 2017, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation published a proposed rule that would expand the optometric scope of practice to include seven surgical procedures and administration of "ocular pharmaceuticals" using three methods of injections.  The "First Notice" period for the rule ends 45 days after publication... February 12, 2018.  Members of the public and interested parties may submit comments about the rule before that date which will be compiled and reviewed by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) before the rule is approved, rejected or returned to the Department for revision.

Other Issues of Interest to Physicians

Visit the Legislative Action Hub hosted by the Illinois State Medical Society for information about current issues

New Illinois law will require ALL prescribers with controlled substance licenses to enroll in the Prescription Monitoring Program. This requirement took effect January 1, 2018.  Learn More...

Bills of Interest

  • HB 5078 (Bellock) --  Requires first-time applicants for an Illinois drivers license to submit a "vision specialist report" from an optometrist, an ophthalmologist or a physician.
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